About Us

Avtikes (αντίκες) is a greek term that stands for antiques. Avtikes is an art centric company, where we focus on manifesting a fusion of medieval, antique and modern designs inspired by a different cultures and traditions, and have them personally handcrafted by the finest craftmen.

At Avtikes, meticulous detail and effort is shed on all of our designs to bring out something that is truly exquisite, and then it is crafted by our finest artisans before it is available in the market.

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Our Process


Research about the trends to preserve the age old craft techniques ,motifs, local designs

Idea & Concept

Flawlessly handcrafted products with high quality made by the best Artisans across India

Design & Production​

Each piece is painstakingly designed by us and manufactured by our artisans

Sales & Service​

Responsibly sourced from craftsmen who have been practicing the art of jewelry making for generations.

Best Handmade Products

Introducing the all new collection

All of our products are handcrafted by our expert artisans, and we assure that the quality meets or exceeds your expectations.

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